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Finance tips to all business owners

Not all entrepreneurs are experts in handling their finances. Many do not wish to sit in one place looking at spreadsheets that include all financial information figuring out how much expenses were made per month and so on, rather they prefer thinking and contemplating on what other venture they can take on next. Not matter how much you detest the financial aspect of things, there is no ignoring it. You have to give attention to all finances in order to be able to make a business successful. Given below are a few rules entrepreneur must follow when tackling their finances.



There is not space for you to be putting off your business’s bookkeeping needs. This is just going to pile up over days, and eventually turn out to be rather unmanageable. The more you procrastinate, the more you are going to suffer towards the end. As an entrepreneur of a small business you need not worry about the sheer amount of accounts you have to look into because, unlike larger corporations there isn’t much. All you need to worry about is the expenses, and sending out any invoices that you have to.


Cash flows

Not all months of the year are going to provide your business with constant flow of cash, there are going to months with no cash coming in at all. Keeping this in mind, all startup entrepreneurs need to have some cash set aside to be able to cope up during the dry periods, because if there is not cash in hand there will be no way to carry out any transactions, which will ultimately lead to losses and thus the inability to do any business. Anyway you cannot expect to have cash coming in at the start of the business, therefore keeping extra cash is imperative.


Core strengths

Many entrepreneurs are under the notion that they have to create everything from scratch. This is going to take an immense amount of time, and will be a waste of time unnecessarily. Your business may be in need of certain solutions in order to carry forward certain business transactions, having a coder within your team does not mean you get him/her to come up with them, rather it will be more cost effective and save time to buy the solutions from elsewhere. When there is an easy way out, you should take it in a heartbeat.



If you don’t ask for it you are not going to get it. Therefore if you are ever in need of something, and do not necessarily have the funds for it, make sure you ask the owners of these solutions, and you never know how helpful people can be, and how much stuff you can get for free. It may not work every time, but occasionally you may hit the jackpot.


Make sure you follow these tips when handling your finances, and always come out on top.

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Ways to make money online

In this day and age there are many ways for people to make money online, but these opportunities come to those who look hard for them. These opportunities does not necessarily have to be illegal, rather there are enough and more way to make money legally online. This process may not be as smooth sailing as people might think. It requires a lot of hard work, commitment, dedication and time to see yourself making a little bit of return. To make this process easy, given below are a few ways money can be made online.


Websites with a return

There are many website online that pay for almost anything. This can be for shopping, selling items, taking tests, taking surveys to better a certain website. Mind you this type of work will definitely earn you a little money on the side, but it won’t be enough to make you filthy rich. For instance, websites such a swag bucks, they will pay anyone who is willing to take surveys to using their search engine. If you have a little bit of free time, and want to earn a few bucks, this website is the place to be.


Freelance writing

This is one of the most popular ways of earning money over the internet. Millions of people round the world, with the talent and the patience to write, write articles for websites for an average of 50 to 75 cents a word. The amount you can charge for the articles usually depends on how good you are. You can just get into this business, rather you need to have a resume of previous writing experiences, and also need an innate liking to write. Doing it for the sake of the money is merely going to make you unhappy at the end of the day.



Ever wondered why websites like eBay came into play? This was because people needed a different platform to be able to sell their personal items, used or new, or any other product online, and make it into a business. This is one of the reason why online auctions were made. These website have been on the rise, and is continuing to grow. If you have any item that you may not use, that does not necessarily mean another person doesn’t want it. Get yourself a PayPal account, advertise your product, and you’ll be able to find yourself a buyer.



Out of the lot listed here, blogging is the most straightforward thing you can get yourself into, but this too like freelance writing requires a lot of patience, and time. Making money by blogging may not come as soon as you start it. It will take a solid year and year and a half to get established. Once people start reading your blogs, you will be sort after by different companies asking you to talk about their products on your platform for a considerable amount of money. Once this is done for the first time, there will be no stopping for your growth as a blogger.


There is no one particular way in making money, therefore be prepared to do two to three things together to not just make a little cash, but truly earn a living.

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